Augmented Hologram Phone VFX Tutorial in After Effects
In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to create an augmented reality hologram effect on top of your own phone using various exciting effects in after effects Hollywood Hologram Starter Pack - Professional Hollywood Hologram HUD Pack - β˜„οΈ CreatorGalaxy Store - πŸ’œ Join The Community - βœ… Get Your Free Intro - ♦ Free Tutorial Files - ♦ $3.99 Full Project Files - ♦ Free Perfect Glow Preset - [EXAMPLE] πŸ“’ Let's talk on Discord - #aftereffects #filmmaking #tutorial ☁️️ My Favorite Audio Library (30 Days Free!) - 🎧 Free Beats From My Bro Lavito - πŸ“· Follow Me On Instagram - 🐣 Or Twitter - πŸ’« Facebook - ⭐️ Contact - πŸ’₯ My Gear - πŸ’ŽAdobe Store - 🎬 One Epic Video Every Saturday! πŸ† Popular Playlists: - Adobe After Effects Tutorials - Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials - Hardware reviews πŸ’› Be sure to leave a comment and to check out my channel! I have a lot more videos. 🎬Host & Creator - Ignace Aleya
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