Unique License

Our unique license is straight to the point!

No surprises with our straight to the point license! This license applies to all the products that you buy on CreatorGalaxy.com & the license is valid for ever.

We only have one limitation, it is forbidden to resell or redistribute our products in any way.

straight to the point


Unlimited Use

Once you buy any of our products, you may use it for all your future projects.


Mass duplication

If you use a bought product to make a video and you sell thousands of them, you only pay once to us.


Valid For Ever

Once you buy a product from our site, you can use it for ever and ever!


Woldwide Usage

Our license allows for worldwide usage, wherever you live or use/distribute your project!


Awesome Support

Our team is always ready to assist you with your questions!


Tutorial included

All our project files have an included tutorial to help you edit them!


Want to know more, you can find the full license here. You can also always contact us at Hello@CreatorGalaxy.com or via our contact page.