how To use the Text Message Bubble in Premiere Pro

Using the Text Message Bubble in Premiere Pro

In this video‚ we will show you how to use the text message bubble in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is an overview for the message bubble for essential graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects CC 2017 or higher. If you have essential graphics‚ you can do so by going to window essential graphics. Go to browse and go to the location of your essential graphic and just open it up. Once it pops up‚ you will see the text bubble designer. Now you can just drag it into your composition or your sequence for Premiere Pro. You can animate it with a fade in. We have a bunch of tags in the essential graphics edits. We can also delete all the extra lines then you can enter your text and change the bubble color as well as the text color. To watch the full tutorial‚ check out this video.

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