How To use the Stylish Brush Pack in Premiere & After Effects

Using the Stylish Brush Pack in Premiere Pro & After Effects

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use our stylish brush pack both in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. If you're in Premiere Pro, go to your project manager and import the brush pack. Find its location and then one by one import every folder – the brush elements, the splatter elements and lastly the transitions. Once you’ve imported that, to use a brush element, just open up the folder and you can review it by importing it in your timeline. You can also do it by importing it and going to that folder and actually review it. So maybe we want to use the brush, we can select it, import it right here and there you will see it. If you want to make the color more intense, you can just drag it up so it will actually cover up some more layers and it will look a little bit denser. Once you're satisfied, you can select all of these layers and keep everything nice and organized. To learn more about how to use your brushes‚ watch this tutorial. 

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