How To Use the Social Media Lower Thirds in Premiere Pro

Using the Social Media Lower Thirds in Premiere Pro

In this video we will show you how to use the social media lower thirds in Adobe Premiere Pro. To begin, open your essential graphics panel, you can do so by going to window essential graphics. Once you have this opened, click on the install icon then browse your folders for the essential graphics template and click open. Now your essential graphics has been successfully installed and should show up in your essential graphics. You can now drag it into your timeline. If you want to see it smoothly, just go to sequence and render. The lower thirds is available for social media platforms. If you want more of these, you can open up the After Effects template and import your own logos for social media. If you want a different type of social media, for example Facebook, it will change instantly. Right here you have your text which you can modify to your own. To learn how to further customize this feature, click and watch this tutorial. 

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