How To use the Low Poly Pack in Adobe After Effects

Using the Low Poly Pack in Adobe After Effects

In this video we will be showing you how to use the low poly pack in Adobe After Effects. If you look at what’s included in the pack‚ you’ll see a background element with some points and wireframes. Then the second one has a variation in the depth of the polygons and then the third one is more zoomed in for different kind of elements. So you get variation with this pack. To edit these‚ let's import it in Adobe After Effects. Drag the first one in a new composition‚ you can change the color and do a lot of cool things with it. You can click on the video footage and update the color correction curves and the other color properties. You can also make it very wide or change the color to a gradient. There are plenty of cool changes you can do with this pack. To watch the full tutorial‚ click this video. 

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