How To Use the Lens Flare Pro Plugin

Using the Lens Flare Pro Plugin

In this video, we will show you how to use the lens flare pro plugin. When you click import, it will open up a folder and you will see a composition pro lens flare. If you open that up you will have your flare right here that you can control using the control settings. We have a video that it goes over all of these settings so you can check that one out as well and right here you can do some really cool stuff when you use a flare. Just drag your footage that you want to use down below on the composition of your lens flare then right click composition settings to adjust the time of the lens flare.  If you want it longer because you have longer footage you can do that right here or you can just trim it in the to work area. To learn more about how to use this plugin, as well as its additional controls, watch this tutorial. 

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