How To use the Heart Transitions in Premiere Pro

Using the Heart Transitions in Premiere Pro

In this video we will be showing you how to use the heart transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro. After purchasing these transitions‚ you can import those video files in whatever video editing software that you run if you will check out your video‚ you will see that you have flyby hearts. If you're going to be importing them into your timeline I would recommend just dragging the video only. We don't have an audio waveform if you will check your video you will see that you don't have any background. What you want to do next is find a place for early transition so just position this on top of your video and then wait for it to come by. Once you have trimmed it‚ drag it over and make sure that have an entire frame blocked. After successfully inserting it‚ you can now make changes such as the colors and the motion blur. Check out this tutorial to watch step by step how you can edit and make changes to this transition. 

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