How To Install A Preset In After Effects

Installing a Preset in After Effects

In this video, we will show you how to install presets in After Effects. So if you have bought a preset on our website, you will have to install it first. To install it, you can go to the location of your After Effects. Once you’ve found this folder, you can open up your Support Files, then find the “Presets” Folder. Simply drag your downloaded preset then just drag in this folder. So for me this is the securitycam footage preset, if I drag it in here, I can search for it immediately when I go back to After Effects. You can search the preset you just added, and once you drag it onto your video, you will easily see that the effects of the preset will apply immediately. You can also click browse presets to find your preset on your computer selected and then it will also apply. To see the full process step-by-step, watch this video.

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