How To Edit a Title and Text In An After Effects Template

Editing the Title and Text in an After Effects Template

In this video tutorial, we will be showing you how to change the titles and text of any of the templates found on our website. We will be using the pirates trailer title but you can use this technique on any kind of template. So if you open up your project, you will see a main composition. This is your final composition that you will be rendering out. You can also click on an individual animation and render this out as a separate title. If you want to change the title itself, simply go to the project manager and you will find the “Titles” folder. You can go to the text tool and select your text. Change the text to whatever you want and go back to the main composition and you will see that your title now has changed. Another way of doing this is just opening this composition by double clicking on it and then you will see a title sequence. When you open it up, you will see a text layer again. go to the text tool and change your text.

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