The Ultimate Premiere Pro Course 2020

Ignace Aleya, Filmmaker and Youtuber

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17 Lessons (2:30:00)


The MOST Evolved Premiere Pro Course - From Beginner To Pro 2020

Beginner Level

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Ignace Aleya

Filmmaker and Youtuber

17 Lessons (2:30:00)

The Ultimate Premiere Pro Course 2020

Super detailed and easy to follow. All the video tutorials are recorded in professional studio so the audio is also crystal clear. Which is quite important if you'll listen for a few hours.

2 hours and 30 minutes of premiere pro training. Learn everything there is to know, hidden features, pro tips & tricks, optimizing your workspace and workflow to be most efficient, become a professional editor

I have been editing for more than 10 years. I have all around experience. I am a highly educated generalist. from filmmaking to editing, color correcting, grading, sound design, motion graphics, visual effects, online influence marketing. I have worked on Hollywood featute films, professional corporate videos, commercial videos and I have my own youtube channel where I have been teaching filmmaking that currectly has over 160.000 subscribers.

In this course I will share tons of knowledge and extra tips. Bonus feature is a basic 
motion graphic lesson within after effects.

In this course you'll learn:

- Interface introduction, where to find which tool.

- Interface optimalisation, optimise your workflow to be most efficient at editing and maxumize the speed of premiere pro

- structuring your files and video footage the best way possible to start a professional video editing project (ideal for a clean overview when you come back to your project later or if you work within a team)

- setting up hotkeys for a fast and efficient editing workflow + explaining the most important hotkeys.
(in, out, cut, trim backward, slice, default transition, audio gain, select forward, select backward)

- proxies (converting your footage to a lower resolution to edit as fast and as smooth as possible)

- best video formats to work within premiere pro

- analyzing and selecting your footage to start a project

- completing a video promotion edit van a-z so you have a -real promi video project to work on and learn along the way (footage will be provided)

- animating position and scale for a more dynamic result.

Ignace Aleya


Creative Director & Influencer

i’m a Creative Director and Filmmaking generalist.

Master in After Effects & Pro in Premiere, living live to the fullest in Belgium with my girlfriend Mihaela Entrepreneur & Co-founder of ∞ Create Epic Videos

Passionate to share my knowledge in the form of Edutainment

Let me take you to the awesome world of Filmmaking & Visual Effects Subscribe & watch to explore the magic behind the Hollywood Effects in your favorite movies

Skills in this Class:

Premiere Pro Video Editing Creative Filmmaking Jouranling

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