Why you should edit with a headset
Filmmaking Tips 27 January 2019

Importance of Using a Headset When Editing Videos  

In this video we will be talking about sound design – as extremely important part of video editing and production, and why you should edit with a headset. For starters, despite this being a channel dedicated to video, we really emphasize the importance of audio quality. And we can even go so far as to saying that audio quality is more important than video quality. Surprising at it may seem, you’ll definitely see this difference when you see it for yourself, and perhaps you’ve also encountered this where you watched a high quality video, but its audio quality was poor. It can be quite frustrating, most especially if there is a person who’s talking and you need to be able to hear them. One way to ensure your audio quality is on point is by editing with a headset. It is an absolutely essential tool for video editors. Whether you’re aligning the right audio recording to the video, or creating the musical score of your video, using a high-quality headset is necessary to make sure you don’t miss out on any details. To find out more about what we’re talking about, check out this video.