The Photoflex Green screen Review
Reviews 23 January 2019

Photoflex Portable Green Screen Review

In this video, we’ll be making a review on the Photoflex green screen. It is actually a portable green screen so you can bring it with you anywhere, giving you the freedom to recreate a studio in whatever location. Setting up a green screen is usually a lot of work, but with the Photoflex green screen, you’ll see that it’s packed in a compact bag, but when you take it out, it will flip open in an instant. It’s very easy to use, and convenient. What’s also amazing is that despite its compact form, it comes out without any wrinkles, which is definitely how you would want your green screen to be. Find out the complete review and step-by-step process of how to set up your own Photoflex green screen. Make the most out of your video using this green screen and watch the video to learn more.