Palette Gear an Amazing Tool To Improve your Workflow
Filmmaking Tips 27 January 2019

Improving Your Workflow Using Palette Gear

In this video we will take a look at the amazing modular Palette Gear and why it's so awesome. The Palette Gear is a professional tool to help editors, photographers, filmmakers and graphic designers to optimize their workflow and bind specific functions to their palettes. It is fully customizable and it is an incredibly helpful and nifty little tool. When you’re editing video or photos, your tools are basically in your computer through the settings; unlike for sound engineers who have actual tools to make their modifications. What this palette gear does is that it makes your photo/video editing experience go beyond just your screen by allowing you to turn the knobs, push buttons, and make use of physical sliders. It just takes your editing experience to a whole new level. On top of that, what we love about it is its modular form; meaning you can switch it up any which way you want, and add some more in the future. It’s truly exciting, and to see in the Palette Gear in action, go ahead and watch the video. 

You can purchase the Palette Gear here: