Insta 360 One Camera Review - Honest Opinion
Reviews 27 January 2019

Insta360 One Camera Review

In this video, we will be reviewing and sharing our honest opinion about one of the newest 360 cameras in the market, the Insta 360 One Camera. The Insta360 ONE can shoot up to 4k 360 footage and it comes with some impressive features such as the bullet time and the flow state stabilization. In this video, we’ll walk you through its main features, build quality, design, app features as well as the software that comes with it. We had to test it for ourselves, and it truly is a unique experience capturing photos and videos in 360. The Insta 360 One has 5.7k resolution making your 360 degree videos look sharp, and its 18MP shots promise stunning photo quality. It is however important to turn on 50Fps mode to make your video really nice and smooth. It also has flow state destabilization making your flow state as smooth as it can get. It’s compatible with most Android and Apple devices and you can shoot and transfer in a snap using Wi-Fi. To get a full glimpse of the Insta 360 One Camera video, go ahead and check out this video.  

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