How To Setup Your Green Screen [Ultimate Guide]
Filmmaking Tips 07 September 2019

Setting Up a Green Screen Tutorial 

In this video, we’ll be giving you the ultimate guide to setting up the perfect green screen.  Of course, we know the excellent value that a green screen provides. Whether you have a big or small studio, having a green screen is essential for editing your visual effects, and just ensuring that your set is clean, and perfectly editable. The first and one of the most important steps in setting up your green screen is picking out one of excellent quality. When you go out to shop for a green screen you want to make sure that it will fit your needs, and you have to take into consideration the size of your studio, and whether you have any special needs, like if you need a portable one for an on-the-go shoot. Other factors you must take into consideration are its color -- because there are variations, the type of fabric, and the type of surface, whether reflective or matte. Before setting up, it is very important to see what kind of green screen will give you the best quality, and this video is will serve as your ultimate guide. Watch this video to learn more.

You can check out the products featured in this video with the following links:

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The anti-wrinkler 5000:

Grey card:

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