[How To] Green Screen Removal Like A Pro in After Effects Tutorial
Filmmaking Tips 05 October 2019

After Effects Professional Green Screen Removal

In this video, learn how to do Green Screen Removal like a Pro in After Effects. We'll go over keying & give you a bunch of other tips & tricks that will greatly improve your work. We’ve already tackled in an earlier video the proper way of setting up your green screen, now it’s time for you to master editing your actual video using Adobe After Effects. The reason we’re editing using After Effects and not Adobe Premiere Pro is because of After Effects’ wider range of features which allow you to do more extensive editing, unlike in Premiere Pro where options are limited. Now once you have your After Effects up and running, the next thing you have to ensure is that your shot is well-lit in order for it to be keyed out easily. In this video, we’ll show the correct process of keying, most especially for some of the more difficult shots you may have. To learn the art of skillfully keying your shots and perfecting your green screen removal skills. watch this video!

How to set up a green screen: https://youtu.be/SjTpaBPG4ag