How to EDIT a RAW Image in Lightroom
Filmmaking Tips 27 January 2019

Editing a RAW Image in Lightroom

In this video, find out how to edit your RAW image using Adobe Lightroom. In a different video, we’ve already tackled the main differences between a RAW file and a JPEG file. Unlike images in JPEG, which is usually the format for the compressed images, RAW images actually allow you to edit comprehensively your image’s dynamic range. Using Lightroom, you can really bring out a lot more detail in your image. Since it’s much larger than your JPEG file, it contains all the uncompressed data from your camera, allowing you to extensively make the necessary alterations in colors, lighting, and shadows. In this video we touched up a RAW image using Lightroom, bringing more life and vibrance to it. To learn how to edit your very own RAW image today, download Adobe Lightroom, and check out our RAW image editing tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.