EPIC intergalactic VFX & Tips for Better Editing on the GO in 2019
Filmmaking Tips 29 July 2019

Epic Intergalactic Visual Effects & Tips for Better Editing on the Go

In this video, we’ll be showing you epic intergalactic VFX tips for better editing on the go. We will also be going over laptop specs and show you which CPU, GPU or hardware in general you need to create awesome visual effects or for a 4k video editor. Now, before we start sharing VFX tips, it’s important to begin of course with an excellent and crisp-looking video. For this video, we used the Panasonic S1R, a full-frame camera with a 47.3MP MOS Sensor and a 3.2" 2.1m-Dot Tri-axial Tilt Touchscreen. Once you’ve ensured that your video is of the highest quality for editing, the next thing you ought to search are some high-quality CG images. In this video, we browsed through and took models from CGtrader.com, a 3D model marketplace. In CGtrader, you can find really high quality 3D models which are perfect for your visual effects. To check out the rest of all the essentials in making epic intergalactic visual effects on your own, go ahead and watch this video!  

Razer laptop: http://bit.ly/2KiMhnx

CGTrader marketplace: http://bit.ly/2KQkv1e