Dji Osmo Review
Reviews 23 January 2019

DJI Osmo Review

In this video we’ll be taking a look at the DJI Osmo and checking out all its cool features. Our first impression is that it looks very futuristic, and is very stabilized. Similar to its GoPro counterpart, it’s a 4K camera, so you can be assured of stunning 4k video quality. You can connect your DJI Osmo to your smartphone through Wi-Fi, and what’s cool is that you can also control your camera using your smartphone.  With the DJI Osmo, you can get stable and smooth video because it was designed for on-the-go video footage. You can go on hours for streaming using this device. Check out the results of the footage we took and find out all our thoughts on the DJI Osmo, including its pros and cons. See for yourself how the DJI Osmo works, and watch this video first if you’re planning on buying one!

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