Best 4k Video Editing Workstation For Filmmakers
Reviews 27 January 2019

MSI Video Editing Workstation for Filmmakers

In this video, we will be showing you the best 4K editing work station for filmmakers. We put to the test a custom-built MSI 4K video editing workstation, and we can say that it is an absolute beast. It’s got excellent quality, and for such a good price. Nothing definitely beats a custom PC build, and for video editors, this is especially important. Pre-built PCs with the standard parts usually do not meet the heavy requirements needed in editing videos, particularly 4k videos. To finish your projects fast, and be able to edit and render with ease, you’ll definitely need awesome equipment. Just to give you a background, the MSI X 229 SLE + motherboard is especially made for designers and content creators. It promises maximum Power, with 13+1 phases of digital power with heat-pipe heatsink design; maximum data transfer, excellent storage, and truly exceptional temperature control so your PC won’t overheat quickly. To see this beast in action, watch the video and check our full review. 

4k Video Editing PC Build: