Adjust Aspect Ratios Seamlessly Using Auto Reframe (IBC 2019) | Adobe Creative Cloud
Other 17 September 2019

Adjust Aspect Ratios Seamlessly Using Auto Reframe

In this video, watch as Jason Levine, Ignace Aleya and Daniel White (Dansky) discuss how auto reframe can save hours of editing for their content with the Auto Reframe feature of the Adobe Premiere Pro. Powered by Adobe Sensei machine learning technology, Auto Reframe seamlessly adjusts aspect ratios such as square, vertical or 16:9 video to help improve time-consuming manual video resizing. This auto-reframe feature is absolutely perfect for posting videos on all platforms. It just takes away all the work of saving multiple videos in different resolutions. No need to be an expert in key framing or tracking. Adobe Sensei does all the work for you so you can reframe your video from 16:9 to an Instagram post or any custom aspect ratio. For all content creators, out there, most especially the YouTubers who are looking into making their content available on their multiple social media pages, the Adobe Premiere Pro’s Auto Reframe Feature is definitely something you should check out. To learn more about it, check out this video!