10 Green Screen PRO Tips
Filmmaking Tips 22 January 2019

10 Green Screen Pro Tips for Best Results

In this video, we will be sharing 10 green screen pro tips perfect for those who want to be successful in shooting at your own green screen studio. For starters, check out the quality of your green screen. Make sure it is as flat as possible and straighten the wrinkles. Next, you have to work on the lighting. Position the lights in the same angle at the same distance of the green screen. Center them as much as possible to get even lighting. We also recommend putting in a sheet for the actor to step on to ensure that there won’t be any problem editing shots where the floor is included in the frame. Another tip is to address white walls. Sometimes it causes some of the green to spill onto your actor, and it will be difficult to remove that. So what we advise is to make sure you have darker walls or at least put some black sheets on the side of your green screen. For more tips including what you can use as an alternative to a green screen, watch the video and learn!

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